Bosch EPS 100

Bosch EPS 100

We use the Bosch EPS 100 for testing of the single stage mechanical injectors.

The Bosch Nozzle etster is a highly ersatile unit:

-Testing and adjustment of injection-nozzle opening pressure.

-Assessment of the injection spray regarding shape and atomization (injection spray image). 

-Checking for leaks in injection nozzles,and checking the chatter properties on two spring nozzle holders, stepped nozzle holders and UI/UP appliations.

Compared to the predecessor model EFEP 60H, due to better dial reading accuracy (1 bar) and improved manometer measuring accuracy, the possible overall measuring inaccuracyhas improvedpn the EPS 100 from +- 4bar to +-2.4 bar. This means that even the most minute leaks can be analyzed and prevented so that the possibility of engine shake at idle can be ruled out. Design improvments have resulted in the inner leakage of the EPS 100 being considerably lower than that of the EFEP 60H. This has the advantage that within the framework of leakage testing on two-spring nozzle holdersand unit injectors etc. the generated pressure does not drop.