AVM2-PC test Stand

AVM2-PC test Stand

The AVM2-PC Test Stand is an advanced personal computer based diesel fuel pump test stand that is designed to save you time . In fact, it can save you as much as 50% of the time it takes to use another test bench.

Main features

-Flexible with Hartridge accessories- can test in-line,rotary,common rail pumps EUI, Eup and common rail injectors

-PC with windows operating systems

-Pressure phasing to 80 bar

-Anti-backlash coupling

-Two variable DC supplies (0-24v @ 3 amp)

-Cooled metering unit

-Back leakage temperature measurement  at pump outlet

-Auxiliary socket for external calibrator control and point of injection sensors

-Analogue speed trim for fine control of governors

-Digital pressure displays

-Drive "nudge" control

-Auto step test plan editorand execution

-Compact dimensions compared with other machines 

-12 or 8 cylinder advanced video metering

-20 hp (15kw) DC high torque motor

-1.8kgm2 (43lbft2) flywheel

-Display of pump output and test stand operating data via 15" TFT

-Digital dynamic phasing(optional)

-Digital dynamic timing (optional)

-Digital advance(optional)

-Digital boost (optional)

-Digital rack (optional)


The secret of the AVM2-PC is in its ease of use. Although is is a sophisticated piece of equipment ,it allows the operator to use the test stand quickly, so you can potentially test more diesel pumps using the AVM2-PC than you could using the standard test system. Combined with the ability to test  "all makes" of fuel injection equipment, the AVM2-PC becomes the obvious choice.

Safety and ergonomics

Safety has ,of course been the prime consideration when designing the  AVM2-PC. The flywheel is fully enclosed and the electrical components are fully guarded within the electrical cabinet. The emergency stop switches are accessible from both sides of the machine and operate through a failsafe relay


-User friendly

-Industry standard PC allows expansion

-Connection possible to network or moderm(e.g.for sharing test plan information or a results database between several machines)

-Approved and recommended by Delphi, Denso, Siemens, and Stanadyne