EPS 815

EPS 815

Universal component test bench; robust, reliable and flexible design

Flexible design

-Universal test bench that can be upgraded with various special accessories so it can be used to test all modern diesel high pressure products

-Expansion possible with various supplementary equipment and special accessory sets

-Continuous enhancement of optional accessories

Efficient work

-Excellent smooth running characteristics and speed stability assure high repeatability, especially during the injection process  : direct drive, high flywheel mass,rotational speed control with an extremely short governing time and position control

-A maintenance -free high efficiency drive element

-A counter balanced  measuring unit makes height adjustments easier and less time -consuming

-Fully automatic test procedure in conjuction with KMA 802/822

-Intergrated database for saving test specifications and customer data


Being a universal test bench, the EPS 815 is capable of catering to any fuel system by means of relevant attachements. Our EPS 815 is used mainly for unit injector and unit pump systems along with VP44 and VP29 radial injector pumps due to the EPS 708 being used soley for common rail systems.